“Inner-net” Is more powerful than the internet

The book COVID-19 The Love Story is now on Amazon link here. If you turn within you will come to recognize wisdom of the ages exists in you.Wisdom opens up the realm of love and oneness as the prevailing fource. Good news is all solutions and answers to every circumstance you ever face is already known to you at your inner core. To get to that (inner) place within first turn off news media and other interruptions off . Second breath slow and deeply in and out 10 times. Singing your favorite song will work too, or telling a joke. The key to this is understanding when you are relaxed you will naturally
get to the inner core. Yes you have heard it said throughout the ages. Question; Have you ever heard the expression “Love one Another” or “Be Not Afraid” ? If so, then your have heard it. To connect to your “inner-net” say out load to yourself words that may resonate with you. Try the words – Love, Joy, Peace, Cake! To experience your own resonance speak the words out loud. Take particular notice of how speaking a particular word makes you feel. If you like how you feel keep saying the word because that word resonates with your core. At your core you are peace and love. Your Inner-net is as real as gravity or air. You can’t see either, but you accept gravity and air exist. It is when you learn to accept there is more to you than you look at in the mirror, you will learn to go to that force. The inner-net is the place your true peace and power resides. – The Force Is In You

The Force Is In You.

In times of perceived social distancing, the opposite happens through online community and an inner connection we all have to each other.   Recall the age old expressions know that the force within you Is a powerful instrument of peace…”where there is hatred let me sow Love”.

The theater of your mind.

The thought or “idea” of something, is what is causing you to be scared or afraid, even if it is true or not true. The idea and suggestion triggers the response of fear. Know that the theater of your mind may not necessarily be non fiction. How many times have you worried about something only to let it all play out and at the end of it all recognize… “Oh – it turns out I had nothing to worry about at all”. Know that when you go to a theatrical mind space of fear, it will take you away from your true self. You are love… not fear. To stop the fear recognize the play and theater in your mind. Close your eyes and breath deeply to re-conectect to your inner force, a force that knows no fear.

My thoughts can create the life I deserve, because I am worthy of it. In times of “so called” isolation know that isolation is impossible we are all connected to planet in ways school book have never taught you. Science today knows this to be true, media instills Fear and anything that is creating fear is opposite of what you were born – Love. The large part of you some call the soul knows this, and the Soul is you!

Does it Make Sense?
Media in USA is being alleged by many including the USA president to be of relatively little fact. Media has become agenda based, and the agenda seems to create fear. Question; how you feel when you read or see media? Are you scared when you read a story in media? We recommend turning off all USA based media . If you feel compelled to have media switch to BBC UK or others . For up to minuet non basis updates just keep watch on Trumps twitter or world health organization. For your soul we cannot stress enough the need 100%… to turn off all news media in USA if you want to stay in peace and survive Coronavirus in peace. To be directed to the world health org, click on this message window

That which Is

There is no greater force than consciousness on Earth. When you hear key words spoken out loud they resonate with you . Try it and see. Say out loud ten times “Love” “Peace” “Happy” and see you you feel. Notice the feeling it triggers in you when you say it. This is your “inner” resonance your inner net. Connect to your inner net every day by speaking out key words that compel you to feel this way.

Get the android App C-Med. The App is very simple and basic. It has 11 daily meditation cards, swipe left and read. Nothing else exists in the app, no interaction. It is designed that way by intention. Remove yourself from entertainment 10 minutes a day. Go to your inner stillness and connect to your inner power – The Force In You.